About Us

In the tapestry of our lives, my soon-to-be wife and I have woven a narrative steeped in hard work and dedication. Once, I stood as an ironworker, laboring tirelessly to shape the skeletal frames of buildings—each foundation and wall a testament to my craft. However, fate intervened, rendering me unable to lift more than 50 pounds.

Undeterred, my focus shifted, and now, inspired by a desire for a more flexible and family-centered life, we embark on a new journey. As a nurse, my fiancée's compassionate care harmonizes with my own journey from ironworker to entrepreneur. Together, we channel our unwavering commitment into an online business, curated with heartfelt products. This venture, born from the crucible of our experiences, stands as a testament to our resilience, a means to provide for our four precious children while cherishing the moments we create together. In this endeavor, we find a renewed sense of purpose, constructing a foundation not in steel and concrete, but in the boundless love that unites our family.